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Wooden Triple Bunk Bed Plans - Full over 2 Twin Bunk Bed for Kid's - Make your own bunk bed

Wooden Triple Bunk Bed Plans - Full over 2 Twin Bunk Bed for Kid's - Make your own bunk bed

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Triple Bunk Bed for Large Families. A full bed combined with two twin beds, this triple bunk bed provides a convenient and flexible arrangement option for large families and sleepovers by taking advantage of vertical space.
This bed can accommodate 3 people to enjoy together.
All Safety Details for Your Family The angled ladder makes it easy for children to climb up and down from the upper bed

I have drawn detailed measurements and angles of each part for you in the list of parts available in the plan of which piece.
What you need to do next is very easy to drill the pilot holes according to the dimensions given by the charged drill.
Remember, these holes are important.Because these holes make the screws go the right way.Then put your pieces together by watching the step-by-step assembly guide or the installation video on the table of contents.

Your bunkbed is ready. You can use it safely. If you want the points you screw to be more robust, you should use wooden glue.
I wanted it to be easy and durable in most of my designs.That's why the screws will appear. If you do not want the screws to appear, you can cover the screws with wood paste.Then you can sand and paint.
Or you can just use a protector.

■General Views
■Exterior Dimensions
■Interior Dimensions
■Part Numbers
■Assembly Detail
■Parts dimensions,pilot hole detail,angles
■Parts List
■Shop List (amazon,homedepot,lowes etc.)
■Cut List
■Step-by-step construction phase

The approximate cost of this product is $326.
After cutting the parts, you can assemble them in approximately 4-5 hours.


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