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Tiny home plans - A Frame House plan

Tiny home plans - A Frame House plan

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Build your own wooden A frame cabin.Ground floor dimensions is 42'x15' . Step-by-step instructions from site prep and foundation to framing and finishing the exterior.
You can finish cutting, screwing, sanding in just a few weeks. It's a pleasant activity with your family. When you purchase this plan, you will also receive these.
I didn't design an interior for this plan.You can design the interior as you wish.That's why I didn't move the chimney shaft.The pictures are only put in place to give an idea.
Some parts require welding work.(e.g. column anchors)

■General Views
■Exterior Dimensions
■Interior Dimensions
■Part Numbers
■Assembly Detail
■Parts dimensions,pilot hole detail,angles
■Parts List
■Shop List (amazon,homedepot,lowes etc.)
■Cut List
■Step-by-step construction phase

How much does it cost to build? Answer: $24.000

Exterior Dimension:
45'(L) x 23'(W) x 32' (H)

Ground Floor a 630 sq. ft.
1. Floor a 370 sq. ft.
Total 1000 sq. ft. two story wooden house plan

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