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Dog Furniture - Puppy Bed plan - Wooden Dog Bed Plan - Modern Medium Dog Bed

Dog Furniture - Puppy Bed plan - Wooden Dog Bed Plan - Modern Medium Dog Bed

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Are you looking for a special and hand made gift for your dog? Here is a comfortable modern and plain bed for your loyal dog. ? With this plan, you have everything you need. It includes shopping lists, step by step setup instructions, how to places lumber pieces, how to cut, where to screw, where to ream, or which piece you should nail. All you have to do is follow the steps in the pdf file you downloaded. If you want this modern dog bed, just purchase this plan and start to make. Even you are at the beginning level of woodworking, don't worry it is very simple. And you will find a setup video in the pdf file which will help you.

If you look at the product pictures, you will see how easy and understandable it is. You can cut most of the pieces in carpenters or you can cut them by yourself. Drawing files of pieces with a complex shape and pieces that need to be cut from MDF are also provided in .DXF format.

Important note: After you made your dog bed, you can measure inner edges and cover it by fabric or sponge with the color and model you want. Or you can ask a cushioner to do it for you. In this plan, you can only find the wood parts of Dog bed.

The size of the plans is: (Outsize)
Height: 13 13/16”
Depth: 24”

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