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20x24 wooden car garage plans with Permit files, PDF architectural build plans

20x24 wooden car garage plans with Permit files, PDF architectural build plans

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Your 20x24 DIY car garage plan is ready. ASCE 7 | Wood | 2022 and NDS | Engineering calculations were made according to 100mph wind load, 15psf snow load and 20psf live load in accordance with 2018 regulations.

Includes calculation report and detailed drawings. All you need to do is get it approved by a local engineer. After that, you can submit it to the relevant institution for permission.

Timber Material: Douglas fir pressure treated

Fasteners: Wood Screw, Bolt, Strong Tie Plate, Post Cap, Post Base, Sono tube Laminated beams are used in this design.

Timbers assembled piece by piece are stronger than a single timber of the same size. That's why this beam was chosen in the design. Additionally, large size lumber is more expensive. What you need to do is to glue and screw the timbers side by side. I explain this in detail in my plans and relevant video links are available.

Here's what you get when you purchase this plan.

* 2D plan, section and details. (For official institutions),

* ASCE 7 | Wood | 2022 and NDS | Calculation reports in accordance with 2018 regulations,

* Detailed cutting dimensions, angles, screw holes and numbers of all timbers used in the project,

* Shopping list (such as 5 pieces of 4"x4"x8' Lumber, 2 pieces of 2"x10"10' Lumber, 8 pieces of 24x30 post base),

* Step by step build animation,

Note: It does not contain any stamp. You need to get it approved by a local civil engineer or architect. If you would like to make changes to the plan, please contact me.

Please check the dimensions and loads before purchasing the plan. If the values such as snow load and wind load in your region are less than the specified values, you can use this plan. If it is large, it will be necessary to recalculate. Please pay attention to this matter.

A printed cargo will not be sent to your address. You are simply purchasing a digital PDF file. The files you purchase are automatically sent to the e-mail address you registered with ETSY. After downloading the files, you can print them and submit them to the relevant institution.

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